Wide Brim UPF 50+ sun hat

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Stuff you should know

  • Keep cool and protect your head, face and neck so you can enjoy more time outside, more safely.
  • Keep sun stroke at bay and protect your head from the sun
  • Make time outside more comfortable and bearable by keeping the sun off the top of your head, face and neck
  • Perfect for gardening, long hikes, golf, the beach or boating
  • Keeps you cool in extreme heat thanks to a sweat-proof head band, breathable fabric and carefully placed ventilation grommets
  • The hat can be worn in or around water thanks to its quick drying and moisture wicking fabric
  • Lightweight and rollable so it’s easy to carry around or pack in a bag – it just springs back into shape.
  • The rim can be manipulated around the edge so you get the coverage you need
  • This wide-brim style of hat is one of very few styles approved by Australian Standards (for example, a cap does not meet the Standards because it fails to protect the neck and ears)
  • Unlike other UPF products, this isn’t  chemically treated so the UPF 50+ rating doesn’t wear off each time the garment gets wet or is washed
  • Comes in three headband circumference sizes: 56cm, 58cm, 60cm (S/M/L) and has an elastic cord system to adjust fit – if in doubt, size up
  • There is no chin strap – we suggest sizing up if in doubt
Our tip: Wear this if you're in strong sunlight or by water to help protect your face, eyes, head and neck.
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Key Feature


Comfortable and breathable protection for your head. Perfect protection for a long day outside providing shade for your head, neck and face. Our hat meets strict European and Australian standards in terms of size, style, shape and fabric.

Key Feature


Not all fabrics are created equal. But our sun hat is made from UPF 50+ fabric that's sturdy, water resistant and breathable. Most importantly, you can be sure it will protect your head, scalp, face and neck when the sun is beating down on you.

Key Feature


Our bespoke, high tech fabrics have been carefully selected, woven and tested to ensure they offer the ultimate in physical protection. Everyday basics translated into UPF 50+ in LifeJacket's distinctive style.

Key Feature


Letterbox and gift-friendly packaging. Arrives on your doorstop swiftly and ready for action. Just what every practical person needs and wants.

Reviews for Wide Brim UPF 50+ sun hat

  1. Hank

    Brilliant product, brilliant service.

  2. David

    I love the ethos, the products, the approach

  3. Jan

    Great message, positive experience and really good products

  4. Clare

    Excellent customer service! Ordered for father in law’s birthday at late notice (day before) and received on his birthday!

  5. Henry

    Best sun protection products I’ve found and skin reair moisturiser is amazing

  6. Hank

    Brilliant product, not been off my head since delivery.

  7. Anthony

    Great to support a mission whilst enjoying a quality product

  8. Anthony

    Really great products from a uk based company with a worthwhile mission. Be good to see it extend in the future.

  9. Andy

    These products do the job they claim to do really well.

  10. simon

    The hat is a quality product that fits well and shades my head, face and neck extremely well.
    The company delivers what it has promised!

  11. Chris

    Really pleased with this hat and especially with the excellent customer service from Jono. You can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the design – it looks and feels great. I measure a tad under 60cm and went for the large, I don’t think I’ll need to tighten it as it fits snugly as it is (unless it’s blowing a real gale). Really looking forward to using this on the beach!

  12. Simon

    Love your ethos

  13. Steve

    Had a lump removed in late 2018 which the medical people said was linked to the sun.My daughter found you on the tinterwebnet thing: Impressed.

  14. Ann

    Gift for my husband who loves being outside but not that keen on putting stuff on. He wears it all the time so it must be good!

  15. Arthur

    Really quality and durable fabric and it actually breathes which is quite nice (and rare).

  16. Jon

    Was looking for a hat that offered full protection as many don’t. Stumbled across LifeJacket and their focus on men so gave it a go. Just what I was after, only feedback would be sizes are on the smaller side.

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Skin science

A burning issue for men

Almost twice as many men die from skin cancer compared to women. Male skin cancer cases have exploded over the past 20 years and they’re forecast to double over the next 20 years.

It's chemistry

UVA rays penetrate your skin damaging the proteins that give your skin structure, causing ageing and wrinkling. UVB damages the outer skin causing sunburn. Together they're a cause of cancer.

Putting your jacket on

Real skincare should protect you from both harmful UVA and UVB rays. Rays touch your skin all year long, even in the winter. Apply skin protection all year round and stay healthy.

Inside LifeJacket products

Details and care:
Clothing only protects the areas it covers. Protection may reduce if stretched or wet.
Hand wash only. Leave out to dry.

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Our mission is to halt skin cancer amongst men and to do this we need to offer high performance products men enjoy using. So far, the feedback has been positive…..

“Most importantly, the products are genuinely top drawer. The service and client interaction has been great. The founders' story and LJs website are brilliant. Makes me happy to support a good start up story and get an epic product in return. Bonus. Wish these guys all the best!”

Rich, Hamburg

“I just love the LifeJacket branding and mission. Men aren’t looked after enough or catered for and finally someone has stepped up. Throw in the effort they make to explain the facts and the science and the regular journals and podcasts and you have a brand I support.”

Tim, Newcastle