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Stuff you should know

  • Get better-feeling, moisturised skin with our 100ml end-of-day recovery moisturiser to repair and restore the skin overnight
  • Ultra refreshing, calming and soothing for pain relief, stinging, soreness and tight skin (can be used on face and body)
  • Contains an active ingredient that binds to pollutants and free radicals stopping them getting into your skin
  • Doesn’t contain SPF so best used at the end of the day, after training or post shave
  • Lasts 4-6 months if used daily on the face
  • Made for men: light weight, non-greasy and absorbs through hair
  • Clinically approved for use on sensitive skin
  • Other important stuff: water resistant, reef safe and cruelty free
  • Fresh linen fragrance
  • For full ingredients, scroll to the bottom of this page
  • Our tip: Use as a refreshing and cooling moisturiser at the end of the day when you no longer need protection from the sun. Great post shave and post exercise too.
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Key Feature


At the end of a long day, your skin's taken a battering. Give it some overnight love. Refresh, hydrate and restore with our Daily Repair Moisturiser. Show those toxins, pollutants and free-radicals who's in charge.

Key Feature


Carnosine technology helps protect your skin from infrared radiation damage. It's just one of the many ingredients we use to help us achieve our ambition of delivering high performance formulations that truly benefit your skin.

Key Feature


Post shave. End of day. After sport. Whenever you want that relaxing feeling of absolute freshness, here's your answer. This lightweight, cooling gel can be used on your face and body all year round.

Key Feature


Letterbox, gift and pocket-friendly packaging. Arrives on your doorstop swiftly and ready for action. Just what every practical person needs and wants.

Used and loved by

Our mission is to halt skin cancer amongst men and to do this we need to offer high performance products men enjoy using. So far, the feedback has been positive…..

“Been using the products for 2 weeks and can’t recommend them highly enough. The products look great and it’s good to have peace of mind all day knowing all the products are doing what they are meant to be doing. Protecting my skin!”

James, London

“Big fan, quality repair moisturiser for men! Not greasy at all. I started using it at the end of a day spent outside/in the sun but now put it on in the evening regardless. Delivery was excellent, cool zip bag for liquids on flights included.”

Rich, Made in Australia

Skin science

A burning issue for men

Almost twice as many men die from skin cancer compared to women. Male skin cancer cases have exploded over the past 20 years and they’re forecast to double over the next 20 years.

It's chemistry

UVA rays penetrate your skin damaging the proteins that give your skin structure, causing ageing and wrinkling. UVB damages the outer skin causing sunburn. Together they're a cause of cancer.

Putting your jacket on

Real skincare should protect you from both harmful UVA and UVB rays. Rays touch your skin all year long, even in the winter. Apply skin protection all year round and stay healthy.

Reviews for Daily Repair Moisturiser

  1. Simon

    Both products are great! The Daily Protect moisturiser is light and not greasy like other SPF moisturisers I have tried.

  2. Anna

    It’s the most effective, pleasant smelling& best consistency skin protection I’ve ever used!

  3. Lee

    Just FABULOUS creams / lotions. Best ever for me by a long way.

  4. Craig

    Good brand and products, so what’s not to like. You’re looking after yourself and supporting a sustainable brand as well.

  5. Simon

    Excellent product and cause. Nice touch from CEO with hand written note as well

  6. Stuart

    Great products, easy to forget sunscreen so I know that no matter what my face will be protected when I’m out and about

  7. James

    Very impressed with the products and brand.

  8. Andrew

    Like the products!

  9. Lee

    Very impressed in general with the products, the service, value propositions and even the packaging and presentation.

  10. Shane

    Fantastic products, easy to apply and can see the difference in my skin from using from just over a month. Knowing that your doing something positive to protect yourself from skin cancer was also a major reason for me to subscribe. I wasn’t aware that the risk of ne catching skin cancer were so high. Daily Protect & Daily Repair are now my go to products.

  11. Jonathan

    I love both these products. Everything has been a great experience- from opening the box when received in the mail to using them everyday. Love the smell, texture and how they make my skin feel.

  12. Charlie

    Brilliant, feels really light and totally ungreasy and smells great

  13. Steve

    This is a great non-greasy product with a great smell that make my skin feel good 👍

  14. Brian

    Soaks in well and leaves skin soft

  15. Matt Simeon

    Absorbs well into the skin. Massively prefer this to the SPF infused moisturisers as I feel those are more greasy, perhaps however this could be due to my combination skin type. A lovely clean fragrance to it also which I haven’t found irritating. Great product which I would recommend!

  16. James

    The daily repair is fantastic, feels great on the skin, is non-greasy and smells amazing

  17. Tim

    Biggest for me is that its not greasy. First one I’ve found to be like that. Unfortunately the sun gels are so I just buy the moisturiser. Love the brand too, the packaging, the personal touches and the story behind it. Big supporter!

  18. Matt

    Products feel good quality. Great packaging and delivery service.

  19. Bret

    Product is really easy to absorb, not greasy at all and skin feels great after application

  20. Alastair

    Been using this product now for about 3 months…cannot recommend it highly enough …..use it anytime of day and it’ll leave your skin feeling revitalised and invigorated…..I’d recommend it 👍🏻

  21. Adam Smith

    Brilliant moisturiser, I’ve tried lots of different ones at varying prices this is the best so far. Makes your skin feel refreshed as soon as it’s applied.

  22. Paul

    Good easy to use products

  23. Deano

    Feels cooling on the skin. Powerful smell to it. Would like to know the benefits of the ingredients. Been using it for a while and haven’t seen any effect overall.

  24. David

    This is a great product , it’s the first moisturiser that actually works and my face has certainly seen the benefit

  25. GUY

    Great everyday product. After the gym, run or day in the sun it’s perfect! Great smell, non greasy and a small amount goes a long way. Great value for money. A must have!

  26. Baz

    Honestly, this is not the kind of product I would typically buy but I got it as part of one of their sets so gave it a go. Feels great, no greasy or oiliness and really refreshing

  27. Jamie

    This stuff is pure magic

  28. Charlie

    I play a lot of sport and this is now permanently in my kit bag. Perfect for post game.

  29. Andrew Hay

    Great product. Packaging looks good. Easy to apply and absorbs well. Nice fragrance. Good value for money.

  30. Justin

    This feels great to put on. I use it after shaving and in the evening.

  31. Shane

    Really like the Daily Repair Moisturiser. It has a different unique texture compared to the other moisturisers which I usually use, being more like a soft gel/paste than cream. Its really easy to rub in, is non-greasy and smells fresh. I’ll be using this going forwards.

  32. Rich

    Big fan, quality repair moisturiser for men! Not greasy at all. Delivery was excellent, cool zip bag for liquids on flights included.

  33. Ross

    Really impressed! 👍Big fan of repair moisturiser.

  34. Tahir

    I think this product is excellent. I prefer it to other moisturisers as it’s easy to apply, smells great and easily absorbed.
    I will purchase this again.

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