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  • The ultimate in physical sun protection and active wear combined
  • Athletic fit and style with a slightly longer arm to cover more skin
  • A lightweight, moisture-wicking active tee that blocks UV light
  • A standard white tee is the sunscreen equivalent of SPF 5
  • UV rays can still pass through cotton causing skin damage – for fabrics, the SPF equivalent is known as Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF)
  • All our fabrics are the highest achievable: UPF 50+
  • Throw on this short-sleeved active tee before a workout or any strenuous activity outside
  • Completely hassle-free alternative to sunscreen
  • Lightweight, quick drying and comfortable – doesn’t stick to your skin during exercise
  • Tencel™ and elastane are weaved together in a tight matrix to block light from passing through to your skin while also keeping the tee lightweight and sweat proof
  • Unlike other UPF products, this isn’t  chemically treated so the UPF 50+ rating doesn’t wear off each time you wash the garment

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Our tip: Throw this on before a workout or any strenuous activity. Or when you don't want to apply sunscreen.
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Key Feature


Not all clothing is created equal. But our clothing is. Unlike your standard white cotton t-shirt that's the equivalent of SPF 5, all our fabrics are UPF 50+ so you can be sure your skin is protected through this tee.

Key Feature


Our bespoke, high tech fabrics have been carefully selected, woven and tested to ensure they offer the ultimate in physical protection. Everyday basics translated into UPF 50+ in LifeJacket's distinctive style.

Key Feature


Great fit. Comfortable. Lightweight, moisture wicking, breathable and quick drying. This is how active wear should be.

Key Feature


Letterbox and gift-friendly packaging. Arrives on your doorstop swiftly and ready for action. Just what every practical person needs and wants.

Reviews for Active UPF 50+ tee

  1. Andrew Fisher

    Great quality, good fit.
    Love this company and free delivery on orders above £10 is great.

  2. Chris

    The Active UPF Tee is just a quality shirt. I’ve used it for runs, and also just when out and about in the Sun. I’ll be buying more. And the Rash Vest is exactly what I was looking for: Not too tight, with arm and neck coverage. The zip pocket is also useful for keys when out on the water.

  3. Gordon

    Not only are the products up there with the best, the packaging is great as it can be used for other things (like going camping or a day hike). Also the hand written note makes it a more personal experience

  4. William Paterson

    This Tee is comfortable and lightweight. I have used active wear with SPF from sports brands, more expensive, and this easily stands up against them. Highly recommend.

  5. Richard

    The moisturisers feel great…not sticky which is essential in Japan’s hot and humid spring / summer. Also smell great…very subtle but nice and fresh. The sunblocks work much better than any of the sprays / lotions I can buy here. Non-sticky, stay on during exercise but also wash off easily enough with soap and a body towel (essential when trying to follow up exercise in the sun with a soak in a hot spring!)

  6. Richard

    Genuinely could not be happier with the quality. I live in Singapore, so a cooling sports top is a mainstay. found the perfect one! Very chuffed, highly recommend.

  7. Lee

    Just FABULOUS creams / lotions. Best ever for me by a long way.

  8. Steve

    Had a lump removed in late 2018 which the medical people said was linked to the sun.My daughter found you on the tinterwebnet thing: Impressed.

  9. Andy

    Lightning quick, friendly and helpful response to email enquiry, despite being outside of normal working hours. Really nicely styled, well-made shirts

  10. Sue

    I bought a weekender pack for my son-in-law’s birthday because he loves the outdoors but has very fair skin. He had not used moisturiser before but wouldn’t be without it now. I also bought him an active T-Shirt which he loves so much he purchased another two himself. – great colours, super fit, perfect for active outdoor wear, and great protection from the sun!

  11. Rob

    Huge fan of this shirt…
    Buying it for all of the blokes in my family to make Christmas shopping a bit easier!

  12. David Reyes

    Light weight easy to wash great top perfect for a sunny day

  13. Paul Selby

    Purchase a casual and active tee and both are good quality and very comfortable.
    Very lightweight and perfect for a sunny day (not that we get that many in Newcastle upon Tyne)

  14. Jonathan

    Good quality products, prompt delivery.

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Skin science

A burning issue for men

Almost twice as many men die from skin cancer compared to women. Male skin cancer cases have exploded over the past 20 years and they’re forecast to double over the next 20 years.

It's chemistry

UVA rays penetrate your skin damaging the proteins that give your skin structure, causing ageing and wrinkling. UVB damages the outer skin causing sunburn. Together they're a cause of cancer.

Putting your jacket on

Real skincare should protect you from both harmful UVA and UVB rays. Rays touch your skin all year long, even in the winter. Apply skin protection all year round and stay healthy.

Inside LifeJacket products

Details and care:
Clothing only protects the areas it covers. Protection may reduce if stretched or wet.
Machine washable (cold 30 degree cycle). Do not tumble dry. Hang to dry.
72% polyester, 16% elastane, 12% rayon.

Used and loved by

Our mission is to halt skin cancer amongst men and to do this we need to offer high performance products men enjoy using. So far, the feedback has been positive…..

“I am a pretty active guy and would always rather wear protection than have to apply it. LifeJacket’s range of clothing is that solution. I wear their active t-shirt to the gym because it is wicking, breathable and comfortable and also to play football due to the UPF protection.”

Alex, Birmingham

“Functional, high performance clothing aimed at active and outdoors type men, Exactly what I was looking for. I love the style and colour options, plus the delivery is prompt and the packaging fantastic. Also get a great vibe from the LifeJacket team trying to do something positive.”

Adem, Windsor